Assignment 3

Lesson 3

This section will help you regardless of your stage of life. From teens needing car insurance to retirees needing to learn more about investment options—and everyone in between—you will find information to help you weigh important options. Some people believe that having insurance or investments indicates a lack of trust in God. For them, it may. Some people also believe that seeking medical treatment indicates a lack of trust in God, and for them, it may. Although we do not judge them for their convictions, we do not share them. At the same time, we recognize the constant temptation to put our trust in human devices rather than in God, and such trust is clearly misplaced. It’s the “rather than” that creates the problem; it implies an “either-or” condition: Either we trust God to do something or we do it. We believe this condition is unnecessary and that and that God expects us to take a “both-and” approach in our management of His resources: We both trust God to do something and we do it.

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