Assignment 1

Lesson 2

Stuck? It happens all the time. Somewhere, right now, someone is getting stuck. Sometimes people don’t see the flooded dip in the road as they approach it. Sometimes they see it and think it’s not deep enough to stop them. Or that if it does, they can just float for a bit while it goes down. Some manage to plow through it and assume they can do the same with the next one. Others get hung up and need to be bailed out before resuming their journey. Still others hydroplane off the road or into the path of oncoming traffic. Some barely escape with their lives. Some don’t. You know we’re not really talking about flash floods and cars, right? Mismanaged finances and their accompanying stress can be just as dangerous as a flash flood. We don’t want to be melodramatic; we just want to underscore the point. How we handle money has serious implications. Most of us need solutions, a plan that is better than our present habits.

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