96 – 1299 – 2017-04-23

I would like to agree with Greg, that some of the Videos are there but then its not in your work page/book. Example:
Page 9 The Parable…..nothing mention in the Lesson/Video and not sure what to fill in there.
Page 10 Refer to “Pharisees vers” should we read it and fill in according…..Also not mention inVideo what to do.
Page 11 Ignorance……what to fill in cause also not in Video
Page 12 Global Job Market(2.3)……not in Video
Page 13 Undeveloped Potential(4)…..Not in the work book/Sheet (Only on Video)
2.1 E Faulty Foundations….not in the work book/sheet (Only on Video)
2.3 Global Job Market changes…..also not on video
I am struggling a bit with the above, so please I really need some help with the above.