9232 – 1313 – 2017-05-08

– Pray first for God’s guidance : in a very secular country where born again christians account for 2% of the population and where secularism is key, I need to be inspired to tell non christian people about Career Direct in a way that will not offend
– use my professional network which is pretty large but non christian and contact them through email mktg
– talk about it in church but it’s very limited (30 people !)
– talk about it in my Gospel choir which is a inter-church choir for the whole Lyon area and use flyers
– give workshops in women’s retreats
– contact international schools and private schools that are usually more open to religious beliefs
– place an advertisement in my town newsletter
– use my adult children’s network with their permission !
As I’m writing all this, I feel that there is no limit to ideas.