9149 – 1407 – 2017-04-30

In order to establish rapport with my client, I would ask: 1) What have been your favorite classes in high school/college and why? This should tell me the types of subjects a client is interested in and specific details about what appeals to him/her. 2) How do you like to spend your leisure time? This can indicate whether a person likes indoor/outdoor, social settings/solitude, high/low energy activities, etc. 3) What was the best vacation you have had? What would be a dream vacation you would like to take? This would reveal if a person enjoys adventure/risk-taking or safety/security. 4) What has been your best/worst job and why? This would show the types of job duties, environment, etc. that a client likes or dislikes. 5) What would be your ideal job if money and other circumstances were not an issue? This not only helps the consultant know more about a client’s preferences, it also gives the client permission to dream about doing what he/she is designed to do and to receive validation that his/her dreams are embedded in God’s purposes for him/her. Hopefully, the answers can be brought up throughout the interview as further confirmation about their unique design.