9128 – 1313 – 2017-04-20

So many people consider work as just something you have to do in order to earn a living, and sometimes christians even think that it is some kind of burden you have to bear due to the original sin and forget that we’ve all been created with a unique design that needs to be used for God’s glory. What Patrick posted about each person having a calling sounds so true and yet is not implemented in many lives. And as Ingrid says, the consequences can be extremely important especially for people who don’t fit the norm.
When I was in HR, I used many tools to help managers understand how they functioned based on their strengths and values and be better leaders. But I did it only from a humanistic perspective supported by the fact that religious beliefs are not to be expressed in french organizations. What I’m learning through this seminar and the posts I’m reading make me see especially my non christian clients in a very different way : as a coach and consultant , I’ve now started to pray for the people and teams I coach and for God’s guidance. The perspective is indeed very different and I can’t wait to see the impact.