6355 – 636 – 2016-09-15

Only in the last 2 weeks have I worked only 38 to 42 hours a week. During I was working 10 to 16 hr days for 4 straight days. This was too much for me. I do not sit still well. Therefore, I tend to work at home as well. I start my new job on 9/26, I will be working 3- 12 hour days.and I will be commuting only 8 minutes to work. I will be training for a new position. We are also in the process of starting a family business. So, we shall see what the Lord has in store for us. I have prayed diligently about our vocations and business opportunities. I hope to be faithful and wise in all God has given us to steward. I have recently tried to be very mindful of any home projects on Sunday and reserving this day for worship and rest. I do have to work weekend shift once a month but then another day will be set aside,

Ladonna, what is your vocation? Candy, I was a dental assistant and dental office manager for 18 years.