6354 – 471 – 2016-09-12

Being retired and taking this course allowed me to look back over my work life and see the harm caused by working too hard or too many hours. Shortly after retiring from the Navy, and while my wife and I were dating we participated in a couples group around Cloud and Townsend’s “Boundaries” book (I know, that dates us). This was absolutely life changing for us and caused us to look carefully at how we spend our time and what activities we get involved in. That coupled with a simple formula learned some years back has been amazingly helpful. The formula, and a good pattern for our priorities and boundaries is #1: God, #2: Spouse, #3 Family, #4 Work. Although #2 – #4 will try to move up the list, you really have to watch #4 as it will strive harder than the others to change it’s position.