614 – 860 – 2016-08-19

I have an example of proper planning and wise spending decisions! When you go to a supermarket, if you don´t have a shoping list, you might buy something you were not planning to buy or you will spend more money buying special offers or things you don`t really need, it`s the same thing with every financial decision, I believe that make plans and pray for them it´s wise. Few years ago I bougth a Chevrolet 1500 cc, I thougth it was a good small car, not too old, 2006 at that time, but I did not ask for an advise from anyone I though it was a good deal, turns out that the car was spending more gasoline than our pick up truck 2500cc since it was made for USA roads so the Chevrolet was very efficient in long trips but in our country there is a lot of traffic and that type of engine is not recomended. At the end I sold the car cheaper than the amount I paid for it!