614 – 660 – 2016-08-21

Before I make big purchases I have someone ask me questions about whatever it is I am about to buy. Sometimes they come up with something I haven’t thought about before. Usually my dad is the one to ask me these questions, and he is very thorough. Sometimes I’ll ask someone to help me make a list of questions to ask the sales person to make sure I get all the information. One example was when I bought the car I have now. I took my dad with me and had him find anything and everything wrong with the car and it’s history, so for example the maintenance record was not what is should have been. Then I had my mechanic look at it and tell me some of the immediate extra costs involved with this vehicle. I was able to pay for everything in cash, and got a great deal on a car.
When I bought my couch, I bought it from a friend who also gave me a good deal on it. It’s actually a futon so that my roommate and I can turn the living room into a guest room if need be. I asked her what were some problems she experienced with it had my dad look at it and talk me through how to fix some of those problems. The mattress is a struggle to get it back on the futon once you take it off to lift the back up, but over all it was a good deal.