612 – 835 – 2016-08-22

There are plenty examples that I never listened to, especially growing up. My mom was always giving me good financial advice as a kid and throughout my life, but I never listened. If I had money, I would spend it right away. Growing up, I always worked and had a job (minimum wage jobs) and never put any money aside. It was my belief that I didn’t make much so how could I put money aside or give some away? I think God takes care of you if you do the right thing. He wants us to tithe and wants us to save, and if we do, even if we think we can’t afford to, he will take care of us by making things work out beyond our expectations. I finally listened to one suggestion someone gave me back when I was in my late twenties. The suggestion was to invest in a company of my choice and have as little as $20 automatically taken out of my bank account every month to go towards a stock purchase, or partial stock purchase and to have any dividends re-invested back into purchasing more stock. Even though, at first, dividends were a couple of pennies, over time it exponentially grew. I eventually forgot that money was being taken out of my account every month and learned to live without that extra $20. 25 years later I had enough money in this account to pay for my daughter’s wedding. I can’t explain how I felt when I was able to come through for my daughter like this. If it wasn’t for this little piece of financial wisdom from this individual, I wouldn’t of had this wealth to give to my daughter on that special day of hers. I think the lesson is that we can always find a way to live within certain means, and with faith and prayer, God will always provide us with what we need.