604 – 775 – 2016-08-21

My parents never counseled me about good spending practices. They taught us the importance of tithing, giving generously and working hard. Those are things that are deeply part of who I am and I see how their counsel and example made a profound impact… but if we’d just discussed budgeting, patience, indebtedness… I like to think their wise counsel would have helped me a lot when I had a good income as a young, single nurse and a brand new credit card.
I also wish our premarital counseling had included a section on money. We went to a Dave Ramsey seminar a few months after we got married… a few months after we’d spent way too much on a wedding/honeymoon, a few months after we’d bought a house we couldn’t afford (and still can’t sell, so we rent – ugh), etc. I think that premarital counseling would have helped a lot.
I look at these as ways we can prayerfully help our children in the future – but only as we faithfully obey the principles now.