602 – 576 – 2016-08-18

“If you don’t plan, then plan to fail.” Proper planning is essential to wise spending! A lesson learned the hard way. In my early years, I was intrigued by the lifestyle that business partners had achieved through a home based business which afforded them the opportunity to retire their “9 to 5” job (in a limousine). I had so much confidence that I could push sales too, that I retired from my full time job. The problem was that had I sought counsel for the strategy for how those top earners became their own boss, I would have known that you never leave your main source of income unless your part time business income can replace it steadily. The advice could have prevented me from eventually switching careers under circumstances and from borrowing to pay back what I’ve already borrowed causing me to drown in debt.The wise counsel would have prevented me from cleaning up that mess, still, and to properly plan.