586 – 636 – 2016-08-18

My husband laughed out loud when he read the “Tips For Living Less” because I could have written them. I shop mostly at thrift stores, we only have enough cable to provide proper internet. We have a very small house (900 sq. feet), Most of our “want” purchases are for eating out but may seem excess due to a weekend out of town. I like to travel- so we have a savings fund for adventures/mission trips. I am very thrift. However, this can also be a vice. I use to be an extreme coupon person. I was very good at getting stuff for pennies. Yet, I found myself becoming greedy, how many 15 cent deodorants/ toothpaste does one person need?! In my defense, I would donate excessive items to those in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not to bore you with details, but it was extreme and I could teach a coupon addict class. The point is being greedy and trying to use an expired 50 cent coupon is not Godly behavior. Also noteworthy, I have to be careful in thrift stores, I must adhere to my list of items and budget, period. Otherwise, I can end up with all kind of “stuff”. Now, I am very thankful to buy “clearance” food and find my oatmeal on sale at the time of need (want)… no coupon necessary.