5858 – 775 – 2016-09-08

Julie – I love that you chose to sponsor a child with gym membership money!! I’d prefer to be outside than indoors any day and enjoy all weather, so the gym hasn’t ever been too much of a temptation. Obviously, though, with thousands of dollars of debt, I have other vices!! (Not that going to a gym is a vice – it’s definitely a decent investment if used wisely!!)

Ladonna – T-Tapp is my favorite workout. I highly recommend looking into it. You can do the videos inside, but also, once you have them memorized, I do the workout at the field here on campus!!

When we worked out our budget we plugged in 5% for savings. We’ve never allocated a monthly amount to be put into savings, but this week encouraged me more than ever to keep that a priority. I’ve also picked up a few more hours at the hospital so we can get that $1000.00 into savings a little faster.