5840 – 775 – 2016-09-08

In the past, I’ve always looked at savings as my safety net. I know I’ve chosen to lean on money in the bank rather than on God. For the last few years it hasn’t mattered how hard I’ve tried, almost the minute we’d get the recommended $1000.00 in the bank, we’d have to drain it dry. We’ve just kept that yo-yo pattern and I felt, underneath, the the underlying issue had to do with where I was putting my trust. This feels different. I have repented to the Lord and felt Him leading me down new paths; one of which is savings. I feel my heart motive is different. It’s about obedience to Him and not trusting in the money. I wept as I watched the video about Joan. Her step by step faithfulness was beautiful. I love how Abba has cared for this precious widow.