578 – 644 – 2016-08-20

After I put my information into the budge program, I realized how I got in debt. I took a Dave Ramsey course about five years ago and I did a budget and the envelope system for several months. Then I stopped using the envelope system and just put my spending money in a separate account. I over spent and ended up borrowing money, then took out a loan to repay family members I had borrowed money from. This time, I’m going to stick to the budget. I like Corrinne’s idea of checking it and setting an alarm on my phone as a reminder. I’m also going back to the envelope system for things like groceries. I further broke that down to separate envelopes for hygiene, vitamins/supplements, and dog food. I also will have an envelope for entertainment and one for eating out. I’ve budgeted for each of these and when I run out of cash, I’m done for the month.