577 – 218 – 2016-08-18

Dear Dustin, I am very glad seeing your desire, commitment and dedication for learning the most out of the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study, also with the way you are moving along with the completion of your assignments for this study as part of this learning experience. Thank you very much for your participation within the Discussion Board by sharing your thoughts, comments, learning experience and best practices in reference to the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study; thank you for sharing with us the applications/tolls that you are using to manage and keep control of your budget/spending plan; keep it up faithfully! I would like to share with you for reading and for encouragement the following verses in Proverbs: 16:3, 21:5, 22:3, 24:3-4, 24:27, 27:12, 27:23-24, 30:25 and Luke 14:28-30. God will honor your desire of working to deepen in your relationship with Christ and into His Word; I also commend you for your daily communion with the scriptures and for your desire to live it in all aspects of your life including in your finances. (Psalms 119:5). Blessings!