5303 – 472 – 2016-09-05

Debt is discouraged because it obligates me to commit time and resources to the one I am in debt to. Instead of enjoying life, I am constantly reminded that I owe money to someone/some institution and can never really call myself free until I repay that loan. It distracts me from the things of God particularly if I cannot repay the loan timely. If forces me into more debt if I have made an immature decision out of greed to buy something I knew I couldn’t afford at all. Debt is discouraged because I tend to serve 2-masters: the one who holds my debt and the One who holds my heart. I never want to be beholden to anyone. I learned earlier in my young adult life to “owe no man anything but love”. I paid my debts even if it meant I had $6.00 remaining to last until the next pay week. However, in my older years the accumulation of “stuff” led me into serious debt. I can truthful say even in this, I have an exit plan. God has been good to me in monitoring and tracking money – sometimes, the challenge is greater than I realized, frustrating and discouraging. I still commit, pursue and overcome.