5301 – 838 – 2016-08-30

I think that debt causes many other problems. Anxiety, fear, despair. As believers we are not supposed to live like this. We need to live in love, joy, peace. Having debt from personal experience I worry about how I will pay it off. Will my husband have to work overtime every week just to pay off something simple like a purse that I wanted. If we live within our means(which in our culture is not the norm), we will be free from a lot of things. Free from stress, anxiety, fear, free from the love of all our materials lying around the house. We can focus and invest on what really matters in life which is sharing the news of Christ with others. Personally the people around me that I know(not believers) that have a lot of materials things are in so much debt because they couldn’t really afford what they have or their hearts are saddened because they are fulfilled.