5300 – 636 – 2016-09-05

Susan, I want to encourage you. I am frugal by nature but I am also a control freak. Although, we are debt free and have started saving it is very tempting to “spend”. However, it is NOT our money, it is God’s. It was not a quick or pain-free journey. We both were laid off at one time and now have careers that are very stable. God blessed us with a fixer upper house in a convenient but high crime area. Now, 4 years later we are still “fixing” stuff. I really wanted to move (my car has a bullet hole in the top and our house was broken into in March- we are constantly harassed for money while getting gas and or groceries). But, the truth is the only reason I wanted to move is so I could have a pool, a garden and some chickens. But God gave me a peace about our little house. So, we will continue to live here until God says otherwise. I still want a pool- I had a pool for 12 years and I miss it. But, I know being obedient to the Lord will provide more peace, joy and contentment than a pool ever will. I pray for God to provide you with contentment for the simple things and that you will quickly realize how faithful the Lord is….always.