5268 – 854 – 2016-09-03

I so agree, Ulanda. It is not easy at all. I was so impressed that this family was more concerned about their credibility as witnesses for God than their credit score or material comfort. I believe that God recognizes and honors our efforts to be faithful and to bring Him glory. This family made many sacrifices because they knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that God would help sustain them each step of the way. And that in the end, it would soooooo be worth it. Amen! I remember we once had close to $12,000 in credit card debt – and it was so easy getting there – but we decided to be thrifty, cut spending wherever possible, and use all tax refunds and money saved from reduced spending to lower this amount … and it worked! God is so faithful! If we earnestly try, He will truly come alongside and help us. Within 2 years we had paid it all off, and today we are very careful to be wise with credit cards.