487 – 472 – 2016-08-28

Hi – I’m Tracy Everette-Duncan (TED). I’m a little late to the table but am definitely ready to discuss. I have been interested in money matters since my teen years when my eldest brother taught me the value of a budget and a savings account. Helped me several times throughout my young adult years; and finally, allowed me to teach what I have learned to a group of residents at the Salvation Army in Washington, DC. I created a program called Empowered Women: Take Back Your Finances! I had to. I was deeply in debt years before due to making a very bad decision. God showed me how to get out of my depression and debt – by giving. My tithe/offering. My time. My self. My program was focused on helping women but the men insisted I teach them money matters too. We built Spending Plans, found lost money, identified the best business vendors based on “the rule of 3” and had a great time sorting through life’s most embarrassing decisions.I’ve always wanted to be part of the Crown Financial Ministries family since the days of Larry Burkett. Now that I am here, I plan to apply myself as best I can. Forgive my tardiness. I had an unexpected life change that caused a screeching halt – raising my 9 and 11 year old grandkids. I’m thrilled but also flustered. 🙂 Oh, my MoneyLife Indicator is 80. I need to improve in Managing, Investing and Giving (Belief) and Managing, Investing and Saving (Behaviors). You got it! Raising my grandkids has upset my overall financial plans but I am up for the challenge. See you in the upcoming classes!