484 – 775 – 2016-08-17

My name is Susan. I am married with 4 kids, ages 9,7,6 and 5. I home-school my kids and, occasionally, work as an RN in L&D at our local hospital. I have been married for 13 years to my husband, David, who is an Academic Dean of a Middle School at a private boarding school here in NE Georgia.
My MoneyLife Indicator score was 61. I love the Lord with all my heart and want more than anything to pass on good financial principles to my children and be a blessing to my husband, but unwise spending has definitely been the shame of my adult life. As a nurse I see addictions everywhere.. to drugs, to food, to behaviors. Impulsive behavior that the patient feels helpless to address. Finances has been my area of addiction and helplessness. I feel the MoneyLife Indicator adequately represented the issue(s) – that my heart desires are good, but my execution is deeply flawed. I also feel this is a season where I have confessed to some close to me the skeletons of debt that I have and that God has thrown a lifesaver… namely an invitation to this class showing up in my e-mail.