484 – 473 – 2016-08-21

Hello! My name is Mark! I am a 48 y/o married father of two and live in Bethlehem, PA.. Both my daughters are presently in college in PA (the oldest will be a senior and the youngest a sophomore). I am a dentist and have my own practice. I actually found out about Crown Ministries through my dental/business coach and mentor who lives in the Atlanta area. He has spoken many times about money and finances and always presents it with a biblical and Christian point of view. I grew up Catholic and am still very active with the church. I attended 12 years of Catholic school (and another 4 in college by coincidence) but never felt comfortable with understanding the biblical principles of finances and money–most likely because they never seemed to be taught. My mentor has helped me to start getting my head on straight about it but I wanted to take this course and understand these principles at a higher level. I’m very much looking forward to this journey with the Lord and the group.