483 – 509 – 2016-08-18

Hello, my name is Karen Smith and I live in St. Louis Mo. I am married and a blended family of four adult children. The Lord has really developed me in stewardship for quite some time, and now the Lord is taking me to the next level of stewardship with this online course. I have learned a lot from the previous broadcasts and quickly put the knowledge to work in my own home finances. A few months ago I was directed by Crown’s website to take the Moneylife Indicator report, and I discovered a lot about how I think and handle finances that way I do. The report gave me an understanding why I think and respond to our current financial structure with a working budget that I live by. Also you should know I’m a planner no matter how small. I was please to see I had scored an overall score of 85. I agree with the report on what needs to be address. And the tree analogue was awesome for me to know and understand my beliefs are my “roots” and my behaviors are my “fruit”. I have recommended this report to quite a few women.