482 – 569 – 2016-09-08

Hello, I apologize for the late response. Although I think of myself as computer savvy, I had a difficult time negotiating between the PDF homework and the online work! We were halfway through before I realized I missed the community part completely! Again, I apologize and will stay up to date.

My name is Stacey and I live in Austin Texas. My husband and I have a ministry called Thankful Heart. God has called us to use of “later” years to minister to single parents and the elderly in Assisted Living Facilities.

I scored an 84 in the MoneyLife Indicator. My top three areas to improve in my beliefs are: investing, planning and legacy. My top three areas to improve in my behaviors are: legacy, investing and managing.

As a single mom for 17 years, I definitely see how these beliefs and behaviors manifested. My husband and I are seeking God on our finances. Also, our prayer is that I can help other single parents be more proactive and faithful in their finances during their years with children in the home and for their families future.