3819 – 655 – 2016-08-23

Why is it so hard to fully trust that God will provide? Immediately I think of two things. 1) Lack of faith and 2) Lack of remembrance for the things that God has provided already. At one point I had a little post-it note and I kept track of the ways that God blessed us financially. It had things like when the transmission went bad on one of our cars but it turned out that just some valve needed replacing so it cost a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand. Back last September in Rochester, my old employer gave me some kind of performance raise (before they knew I was headed to Tennessee) and when I got my vacation paid out the next month it was several hundred dollars more than I “knew” I was getting. Another thing was when I first got married we signed a lease for our apt that gave us one month free the first year. For whatever reason we got the same deal the next 3 years too, and we were only paying 11/12ths of what other people had to be paying. There were other bigger things too and when I look back on them it gives me a great comfort to know that I was taken care of before so I know I will be in the future. I am going to start that list up again but not just financial stuff.