3817 – 775 – 2016-08-27

I’ve never really given trusting Him much thought. I know that sounds horrid. I mean, we’ve read all about George Mueller and I love to read about Gods provision for other people, but when it comes to my life, we just work hard, spend the money, and get in debt. As I stated above, we’ve never even considered the possibility of miraculous provision when big financial needs have occurred. We just get the loan or pull out the credit card. Sigh. It’s so incredibly prideful and shows some rather large trust issues.
Concerning the need vs. want exercise, I am really trying to look through our grocery store spending to weed through the need/wants. I love to cook and bake and we love fancy food. We rarely eat out because the food just doesn’t stand up to what we can make at home. BUT, our grocery bill is pretty astronomical. We had a family pow wow to discuss meal planning and to simplify meals and save the fancy ingredients for special occasions that we will budget for. This will make a pretty significant impact on our budget if I can walk the talk.