3816 – 509 – 2016-08-24

When we operate from an ownership mentality we then rely on ourselves to get our needs and wants met, i.e. the struggle. It is especially a problem when you don’t view your needs and wants properly, you don’t need everything you think you need. Wanting the latest pair of Nike’s is not the same as needing a pair of tennis shoes because the ones you are wearing are coming unglued. Nothing wrong with wanting the new pair but you must know the significance and difference between the two or you will never be a faithful and responsible steward with money or anything else that the Lord may bless you with. I personally try to be mindful of my wants and my needs making sure I identify the difference before fulfilling or not fulfilling the request of the want or need. And when I find that I did not weigh my options and go ahead and fulfill or not fulfill the request of my want or need there is guilt. Then, we struggle with trusting God to provide because He will say “no”, and we don’t want to hear that, or He may delay it for a long period of time, and we don’t want to wait. Also the Need vs. Want budget is a great tool to help with the struggle of what is a want and a need.