3793 – 476 – 2016-08-24

Just trying to be financially faithful which is a real, tangible way in which we recognize that all we have is from the Lord and we would have nothing apart his faithfulness (Matt 6:25-34). Being financially faithful also frees us from bondage (Proverbs 7:22) so that when he calls us, in ministry and service to others, we not only have the freedom to serve but the means to answer the call, wherever and whatever that may entail (Mark 1:16-18). The problem with our lack of faithfulness in our finances is that it derails us from walking with the Lord, which is a gospel-focused life, and takes us off the path (Matt 16:22).

Certainly all this is easier said than done and requires day-to-day faithfulness and repentance and refocus when we fail – which I will admit, we often do. That is why we are here 🙂