3784 – 472 – 2016-08-29

Honestly, before taking this course and learning a difference in being financially successful vs financially faithful – I was on the road to being financially successful. But now that I know there is a difference, I want to be faithful in what God has given me. It never concerned me as to if I would be filthy-rich or devastatingly poor. I just know that when ever I was given money to oversee, I did so with God’s intentions at heart. Recently, I was awarded a large sum of money. I contacted my Pastor to tell him how I would be spending some of it. It couldn’t believe it. He told me, “I hope you know that God has given you that money because He trust you”. I couldn’t believe it – I heard the Lord say this to me before the award was distributed. He told me that he trusts me to do what He planned. I want to always be financially faithful – the success is part of the process.