3781 – 775 – 2016-08-23

Hmmm… this is hard, kind of. I mean the answer is easy to type, but the living out of it day by day is hard. Let me put it this way, I want to want financial faithfulness. I want to be able to look selfish, impulsive me in the eye when she’s in prime “wanting” mode and say “No”. I want the Lord to open the eyes of my heart to see the root of the situation; not to shame me further, but to show me the path to life and freedom. The story of the talents has always been a difficult one for me to look at in the Word because of my literal money issues. In counseling this last year, the Holy Spirit was so tender to point out the things He has gifted me in, that have been invested for the kingdom, that have nothing to do with money. I love how He has buffered this whole process with love, but has definitely turned the focus on literal money and my mishandling.

Candy, what you wrote encouraged me for a few reasons. First, we just can’t imagine what a few years will bring. I love how you shared the fast expansion of your family. What a blessing and opportunity for investment. I know my parents have had a tremendous impact on my kids. Second, a reminder of how faithfulness now can have a significant impact on the stress of aging. Money has been so stressful for me for so many years. I don’t want that to continue.

Judy – Amen!!