3077 – 218 – 2016-08-21

Dear Nancy E. Padua, thank you very much for sharing your Introduction-Bio and your very heart touching testimony.
I was off today resting after three days attending to a conference in representation of Crown, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to come into the system to check the messages, and there was your powerful and hear touching testimony. The first thing that I have to tell you is that God is faithful (1Cor. 1:9). He will honor your obedience and desire to be faithful and to live according to His financial principles. He was, He is, and He will be your Provider, He is Jehovah Jireh! I can testify about how that, I was there also with a 40K credit card debt and He helped me to be debt free. You do not need to send or submit your MoneyLife Indicator results. After you completed the Indicator you received an email with a link, the link allows you to download your results on a PDF file that you can save for further reference with your other documents and downloads from this study. Via the Open Forun, you can share your observations, comments, best practices and testimonies about how this study is impacting your life, and to respond with your feed back about the questions; it is optional. Via direct message you can send more private questions that you do not feel comfortable to do within the Open Forun. I will be a pleasure to serve you. Thank you for being part of the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study. Blessings!