223 – 906 – 2016-08-21

God Bless everyone. My name is Nancy E. Padua. I was born in Puerto Rico. I came to Tampa, FL in 1986. I am a single mom with 3 handsome boys. I was water baptized after come to Florida and before met my ex-husband, which is a muslim, wrong decisions which I feel I still paying for it. I had to packed and leave with my kids in a very dangerous situation. When I was with him I could not go to church or use a Bible in the house. My best friend gave me a Bible the one I hide and open it when he was not around.
When I left him the first thing I did was to look for a Church, my kids accept Jesus after left my ex-husband. After I left him, he started open credit cards in my name, and the debt came to be over $40,000, the one I did not know until a year after because the bills were going to his house. Then with no choice I had to go into bankruptcy.
I am a Medical Technologist, and I work in Lakeland Regional Medical Center, in Lakeland, Florida. I owe over $100,000 in student loan, which I am paying high amount of money, I am in student loan forgiveness program, after 10 years they wil forgive half of the loan.
I worked 2 jobs, 7 days a week for many years. Trying to save money is being my weakness , I have 2 of my sons in University, no child support, and one in Community College.
I found by taking the Money Life Indicator that I do belief, but my behaviors are two different things, my weakness is: saving, managing and investing. My score: 67. Not proud of it.
Someone can tell me how to summit my homework, and the indicator, and who I have to send it to. Is due tomorrow, and I do not know how.
God is my source, my strength, is not being easy, but I have faith that I can be debt free.