223 – 893 – 2016-08-17

40 years ago I was able to work on a budget and get myself out of debt. I was a divorced single mom of 3. The LORD helped me so much and I found that the budget got to be an addictive game with me to see how I could fine tune my spending and pay off the debt. These was lean years for us but while on this I was worry free as I stayed on track. About 20 years ago I got a different home and in the process of getting settled in I went off the budget due to lack of time and energy to pay attention. My goal is to get back on the track and stay there. I need to see where I am spending foolishly and make other plans.
I am taking care, and live with my mother right now who is bedridden so my time is erratic in trying to do this course, sleep etc. But the LORD provides.