223 – 860 – 2016-08-19

Hello , my name is Marie, I´m from Costa Rica, I`m married and we have 2 kids. My score was 83, and the test revealed a gap between my beliefs and my behaviors in investments and planning, and yes I admit it, I like to make list but I don´t like plans, or stick with the planned, this is an special time for me and my family, because God called us to the mission field and we are finishing out studies and trying to sell a house ( not the one we are living in) to pay the some of the family business taxes we have to pay in order to properly close the business since the economy change in our country and the business is not a good option for us to have out famiy income.We prayed a lot and God´s told us to close the business and we are trying to be obedient moving forward to the mission field. So definately I need to learn how to make plans, have a lot to work on!