223 – 720 – 2016-08-18

Good morning everyone. My name is Sandra Rosini and I am a little late in starting this wonderful journey with God at the helm! I have been wanting to work on my financial discipline for years, even invested sums of money in DIY programs that are sitting on the bookshelf gathering dust – waiting for the “time” to get into it. Every morning, as I drive to work I would listen to the message from Crown.org and I would hear the Spirit talking to me – “you need to do this”. So finally, here I am – and boy am I glad!! I have taken the MoneyLife Indicator and it validates – I need help. My overall score is 65 where both my Beliefs and Behavior are about the same – beliefs being a little higher.
So now I am attempting to complete this week’s progress – but I am having trouble watching the video. The course mentions a DVD which I don’t have. Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you Crown for putting this course together and making it available – it is awesome.