222 – 1244 – 2017-04-24

Dear friends,

I am at this stage doing Masters in Counselling Psychology, working in an NGO, and also attending Career Direct Consultant training. I have a family as well, so I have challenge meet deadlines for some many things please do pray for me. I wanted to help young people of Nepal through some career guidance course and I am pleased that I am connected with the right people. Please do pray that I am able to learn and complete this course to bless several young people to find career of their potential, personality and skill that brings happiness to them and their family members. We have several suicide cases of Nepali people who are working as immigrant workers in the middle east and other countries. Leaving families for the sake of employment, has ripped apart families. I hope my professional training and support to young people in churches and Nepal would be a great blessings. Please keep these things lifted up to God for His glory !