2110 – 471 – 2016-08-20

Thanks, Susan. So appreciate your willingness to take on the responsibility as facilitator for us. Love how you’re already encouraging our group members. Don’t know if I’ll have any earth-shattering insights, but we have seen the Lord show up big in the years we’ve been doing financial ministry and that’s what keeps us going. Just to share one story if I may; we just recently celebrated with one of our Money Map coaching cases. Single dad sharing custody of 3 kids, in 3 years paid off $245,000 in debt. God showed up in ways we couldn’t have imagined (debt negotiated to a lower amount or completely forgiven, bonuses, and more!) and he made a number of hard choices and sacrifices. What’s really cool is how he changed in his demeanor, outlook and hope. He’s a new man, a better parent, a men’s small group leader, and he’s debt free. To God be the glory!