David, Tithing first must not be a real “hard and fast” or else thing. Remember that the giver must give with a cheerful heart so with this said we have to be very careful to make it sound like a “have to” instead of a “want to” when it comes to giving. The amount is really based on how much you want to be blessed! The other part of your question about where you might want to give is up to the giver. Many times people will give to several opportunities. Just be sure that when you give you feel comfortable and are well aware of and educated about the choices you are making. It can get complex indeed. Being cheerful and feeling blessed is really important!! If you do not feel this, always ask the Lord to guide you about how much you should give and to whom or what. When my husband and I were first married we did a graduating gift at first until we could give a tithe. We have been truly blessed through out the years. My heart has to be joyful about where I’m giving too. There have also been times in our lives where we have been in between churches and have not given to something for a period of time. These times we have found ministries that we support. I hope this helps a bit.