Scripture Memorization

Shelly, There are several things that may help you to close the gap in your belief and behavior scores. Certainly this course! Another is whenever you consider an impulse spending decision, just write the item on a piece of paper and then wait a week before considering it again. If you have decided you still “need” (not “want”) the item and can pay for it within your budget, go ahead and get it. And setting short-term and long-term goals helps. They guide us when spending decisions on non-goal oriented items come up, as they will. Then, learn the freedom that comes from having a budget/spending plan; never exceeding the monthly amount for any category in your budget will let you know that you will be okay at the end of the month. And lastly, consider getting counsel on “large” spending decisions, whatever that may be for you. I hope this helps, and is not too much too soon!