Just keep swimming!

Good morning! One of my favorite movie lines is from the popular animated film “Finding Nemo.” In the movie, Dori experiences one obstacle after another, as do the rest of the characters, yet she also has the added frustration of not being able to remember what just happened 5 minutes before. She gets distracted, confused, lost, and finds herself in one precarious situation after another … Until someone gives her a very simple mantra to keep her focused, “just keep swimming.” I was thinking about many of you this morning who have either had technical difficulty getting started with the study or feel like you were late getting started and are already behind and I want to assure you – you are not! I feel similarly – got signed in a little bit later than planned and haven’t had the uninterrupted time to sit down at my computer and get started. For all of us – let’s just keep swimming together! I’ve loved the responses I’ve already seen from many of you on the discussion board. So encouraging – and I wish I had already responded to every single one. My plan is to carve out a chunk of time, sit down and dive in sometime in the next couple of days. Remember, we have until Monday morning at 10 am to complete this week’s assignment so if you haven’t already, set aside some time, get started, and let me know how its going. I know there are countless blessings ahead for each of us! Be encouraged!