Homework, Day 1, Question 4.


in the homework, day 1, question 4 it asks, “…what spiritual benefit follows tithing?” and the questions refers us to verse 23. In Deuteronomy 14:22, I am thinking that God is referring to our first tithe that we set aside to give and verse 23 is referring to a second tithe, that we are commanded to consume. The question is referring to verse 23, the second tithe. Is it asking about the spiritual benefit of the second tithe or the first tithe? If it is asking about the spiritual benefit of the second tithe, then we are consuming and benefitting from this tithe after already setting aside and giving our first tithe, and I would think that our consumption of the second tithe would be that much more sincere, pure, spiritual simply because of this. Isn’t it better to enjoy the rewards for our hard work knowing that we already gave some of these rewards to someone in need beforehand? I never paid attention to these verses and now that I read it and am writing about it, it appears to be a very powerful command. If I’m living on limited resources and not sure I can really give, yet I set aside a portion of my pay to give, then set aside another same amount to enjoy it myself, and then carefully tend to and manage the other 80% in the way God wants me to, God will see that I am good and provide even more for me. My question was which tithe, the first or the second (if there is a second within these verses), is the question referring to?