Eliminating Debt

Is debt overwhelming you, or are you overcoming it?

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2 Lessons, 2 Sessions

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Here’s Your Future…

Congratulations—you did it! You removed the weight of debt in your life, and floated back to the surface. With God’s wisdom and help, you faced your fears, attacked your debt, and became free. You don’t owe anything to anybody, and future possibilities are wide open. Now you’re free to consider that job transition you were too fearful of making in the past, or you can go back to school debt free, or you simply can cut back from working 80 hours a week to 40—because you can. You’re sleeping peacefully at night—no more worries about paying the growing minimum payments on those credit cards. Celebrate with a vacation of a lifetime. Give your time, talent, and treasure to others from your newfound abundance. You must be thrilled over this huge accomplishment, and yes—it’s much better than you imagined it would be. Send us a picture of your celebratory moments!