Lesson 1

Introduction, Greeting & Pre-Course Expectations

During this session we will discuss the history of Career Direct & Crown, the mission, vision, and research for Career Direct, and the agenda for the training course.

Lesson 2

Living By Design

During this session we will discuss the philosophy behind the Career Direct Assessment. Each of us are uniquely designed to work for God. This design manifests in a myriad of ways, but the purpose behind our work can either come from a secular view, or a biblical view. In Living By Design, we propose that God created work, that work is good, and that when we align our unique design with our career choice, we become happier, more productive members of society.

Lesson 3

Detailed Report Breakdown

This will be one of the most important sessions in the training as you will learn how to interpret and deliver the Career Direct Assessment Report results. We’ve broken the report down section by section in these videos for easy access to review and comprehend as you may want to review them multiple times. Please pause and take notes throughout the training and be prepared to have a thorough discussion with your Trainer at the end of this session. Get excited, this is where you you start having real impact!

Lesson 4

Process of Synthesis & Case Studies

During this Session, two of our world leading consultants will explain the key element to the Career Direct Consultation: the process of synthesis. What sets the Career Direct Assessment a part is the connection between all four areas of an individual’s unique design. Handre deJongh will give you a bird’s eye view of how synthesis works and provide you the words you can use with your clients to explain it. Lynda Whittle will then walk you through a report and give you the practical analysis of how you can synthesize in your preparation as well as with your clients. This session will be integral to your practice and is the very core of our Career Direct Assessment - it’s what brings the most value to your client and your relationship with them.

Lesson 5

Interview Process & Consultation Demonstration

During this session we will discuss the importance of the interview process and how to conduct it. The interview is an integral part of the consultation process. It is in this step where we connect to the heart of our client and gain the right to speak into their lives. If this part is unsuccessful, the impact of the consultation will be diminished.

Lesson 6

The Consultant Process

In this session we will provide elements and advice about the Consultant process. It can be hard to get started and not know how to gain clients. Once you have your clients, it can sometimes be difficult to guide them. This session will empower you to talk about your business and prepare you to take action once you’ve secured a new client!

Lesson 7

Setting Up Business & Dashboard Training

During this session we will discuss the elements of setting up your consultation business. Once you’re certified to be a consultant, reviewing this session will have trained you for the marketing, selling, preparing and executing a consultation.